Friday, October 22, 2010

Uxbridge Accidental Shooting

It's not often that we see the anguish so clearly pictured. The story leading up to this photograph is certainly a touching one.  But is it really any different from the many similar incidents in which the bullet lands in the floor or the wall instead of someone's head?  Maybe this guy broke three of the Four Rules instead of just two.

Does this anguish translate into lessons learned, in your opinion?  Is a guy like this less likely to ever do this again after having had this terrible experience? Or, is a guy who's proven himself capable of such monumental stupidity once, more likely to repeat it than, say, someone who's never done it.

For me these are academic, although interesting, questions.  One strike you're out covers all of them. If you mess up, big or small, with a gun, you forfeit your rights to own them.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. > Mr. Clark had illegally purchased a 9 mm handgun...

    > Mr. Clark’s four-page criminal record...

    > 2006 arrest ... for unlawful possession of a semiautomatic handgun

    > neither he nor his brother had a firearm permit...

    Sounds like the kind of person who would obtain one regardless of a "right to own".

  2. Mikeb30200:

    We can of course contrast this lamentable "accident" with the case of the armed (against company regulations) Domino's employee who used the "Whack-A-Perp" GDU model at that pizza parlor, which you wrote about not too long ago.

    And, yes, of course Mr. Clark was a criminal who would get his hands on a gun, no matter what. Fortunately for him, MA has incredibly lax gun laws which allow people to get a gun with--, oh, wait, my bad, I was thinking of AZ of MS or maybe, TN. Anyhoo, i'sokay; he just went online and got his 9 from "Acme illegal guns for illegal gunners.combat; yeah, that's the ticket.