Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sheboygan Cop Disciplined

We discussed this story when it happened last August. A drunk cop at a bachelor party fooling around with the boys ends up shot with his own gun. Now, a few months later, the news comes out about some mysterious and unnamed punishment.

A Sheboygan County deputy is being disciplined by his department after he was shot with his own gun while-off duty at a bachelor party in August.

The sheriff's department says Friday that an internal investigation found that Deputy Anthony Blodgett violated two department policies at the Aug. 7 party in Rhinelander.

Blodgett remains employed by the department. A news release says the department will have no additional comment.
I wonder what that disciplinary action was exactly. Do you think he's been stripped of his weapons and assigned to the property shed in the basement? Somehow I doubt it.

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