Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Deleware Men Arrested

The story is quite a shocking one.  Three young men were buying a gun illegally and instead of just paying for it they shot the seller in the face with a shotgun.  The action took place in July, the gun dealer lived and now the three bad boys are in custody.

You know what I'm wondering?  Where did the gun come from?  What legal gun owner allowed it to slip into the criminal world where it do so much damage?  Naturally pro-gun folks want us to focus on the criminals and not the gun, and certainly not on the last legal owner of the gun.  I say that's wrong.

Criminals are not going to obey the laws, on this I agree with the gun guys.  But what I understand from that is, for that very reason we need to focus on the legal gun owners who for the most part do obey the laws. That's where we can make a difference.

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