Friday, November 19, 2010

The Crocodile Tears of Sean Sorrentino

Sean in his boiler suit preparing to slay
another strawman of his own design
or hoisting his own petard
40-Year-Old Virgin, Sean D. Sorrentino spends much time lately knashing his teeth about the shooting of a police officer in NC.

Apparently, our Medieval Times server has some sort of Kevin Bacon Six Degrees of Separation-like connection to the wounded officer.  To be sure, the story is tragic; every day in this country, police officers are wounded or killed in course of their duties.  But, Sir Sorrentino of Gunloonaria omits the wee detail that criminals gain easy access to guns because of folks like Sean D. Sorrentino.


  1. If you actually read the story, it was the "justice" system that failed to keep the idiot behind bars. Instead they let the dopers out so they could commit theft and murder. Way to go judge.

    You should learn to read Jade. My 7 year old could teach you except I would never let you near her. It is a well known sage fact that most anti-gunners are pedophiles and card carrying NAMBLA members.

  2. FWM neglects to note that the "Justice" system he decries is a pretty important aspect of that Bill of Rights where he finds his concept of "gun rights" (Amendments IV, V, VI, and VIII).

    The Concept of "locking them up and throwing away the key" is banned by the 8th Amendment as interpreted by Solem v. Helm, 463 U.S. 277 (1983).

    But, given that the rights of criminals are important enough that they are nearly half of the Amendments in the Bill of Rights, it only follows that criminals have a right to own guns.

    Don't criminals have the right to self-defence? After all, it is a basic human right.

    So, it isn't way to go judge--It's way to go founding fathers for writing something so idiotic that people can misinterpret the right to be free from standing armies to mean that criminals must have easy access to firearms.

  3. Laci, did you read the story either?

    "In August, they were arrested for stealing a car in Upper Southampton, police said. But the couple was released days later from Bucks County Prison on no bail, court records show.

    Edgerton was released despite being on parole in Delaware County."

    They were not Mike's mythical 10%. They were career criminals that could have been held on the parole violation alone if it were not for incompetent courts and superlawyers.

    Justice system fail = dead cop.

  4. FWM is right about their not being members of the 10% club. These people were definitely criminals. But what he's missing, and Sean too, is that gun control is not proposed as a replacement for judicial process. We're not saying bad guys should have lighter sentences as long as we make it harder for them to get guns.

    This is what Sean is pretending and Bob S. too in his today's analysis (harangue) of Helmke's HuffPo piece.

    If you guys have such a good argument about your rights, protected by the Constitution and handed down by the Almighty himself, why resort to such tricks continually. You exaggerate what we're saying and argue against that as if we said it.