Saturday, November 20, 2010

Winter Shooting

Via FatWhiteMan, this fascinating and extremely entertaining article held me spellbound.  It's replete with meticulous advice, a la Robert Farago and Xavier the Nurse (retired I think) as well as anecdotes from the Korean War.

As to gloves, you want the one on the hand that works the trigger to come off quickly, smoothly, and silently when you need to shoot. I tried the old woodsman's trick of a thin, lengthwise knife slit on the trigger finger portion of the glove to let the warm index finger sneak out when it needed to work the trigger. Imperfect. Snow got into the glove and froze the finger as soon as you had to grab a snowy branch or catch yourself in a fall in the snow. Also, the palmar surface of the glove wants something rubbery for traction.
What's your opinion? Is the guy a little bit extreme, or what? I love the introduction:
Whether you're talking about hunting (big game season is generally in the colder months), or just working the ranch or farm with the usual needs for firearms that crop up "on the place," or carrying a concealed personal protection handgun, there are factors to be considered and changes that sometimes need to be made.
One thing that occurred to me is, as fanatical as this guy sounds, he provides a very needed service. Other than the criminals, the guys who cause most of the problems, the members of the 10% club in other words, are generally not guys like this, and they don't take advice from guys like this. Those nonchalant arrogant types could use counsel from a guy like this.

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