Monday, November 15, 2010

Domestic Double Murder in Fairfield CA

Mercury News reports:

Police are searching for a 50-year-old Fairfield man suspected of fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. 

Police say Ricardo Martinez Deleon killed the two at an apartment complex in Fairfield around 1:15 a.m. Friday. The victims' names have not been released.

Police were called around 6:15 p.m. Friday to investigate a disturbance at the complex. Witnesses told officers Deleon had been arguing with his ex-girlfriend in the parking lot, but the woman's family was able to convince him to leave.

Fairfield police Lt. Greg Hurlbut said investigators determined that Deleon later returned and waited for the victims.

Police say Deleon—who is of medium height and build with brown hair and eyes—may be driving a late 1970s or early 1980s white van with a blue stripe.
I wonder if he was an upstanding NRA-type before this incident or if he was already a criminal. It really doesn't matter though. He was obviously a guy who should not have had a gun, and the gun he did possess came from legal sources.

That's why we need to focus on the gun and its last legal owner, that's where intervention can make a difference. The pro-gun complaint that we don't focus on the criminal is a smokescreen used to hide the fact that by focusing on the criminal it's already too late. He's already gotten the gun.

The focus needs to be on the lawful gun owner who knowingly or unknowingly allows the gun he owns to slip into the criminal world. That's where restrictions and controls can do the most good.

Meanwhile, we continue to investigate and fight crime, we continue to lock up criminals, the violent ones for a long time hopefully. All this can continue while we focus on the true gun problem, which is the passage of guns from the good guys to the bad guys.

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  1. These kind of post remind me of that recent South Park episode:

    “Oh thank God, Captain Hindsight is here!”