Friday, November 19, 2010

Wild Road-Rage Incident in Orlando

Florida drivers seem to be seething with anger. Of course, you can't go by the daily reports in the news, or can you?

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  1. I guess the police didn't have too much trouble deciding which driver to charge. If not for the egregiousness of Prince's actions, the driver of the BMW would very likely have been charged with reckless driving.

    Prince's story didn't hold water. You don't race to try to lose someone who has already passed you. Both of these cocksuckers were racing. But Prince brandished and then fired his gun. In a normal state, that would probably mean a permanent revocation and some time in prison. Attempted murder? Aggravated mayhem? Anyone who would shoot at another driver obviously has a criminally insane mind.

  2. Yes sir, that's a one-strike-you're-out offense if ever there were one.