Monday, November 15, 2010

The NRA on the Justice Dept. Report

Opposing Views published an op-ed by the NRA about the Recent Justice Department report. In a predictible response, they're warning that it could lead to more unnecessary laws.

...the final report flat-out recommends that the BATFE “Work with the Department [of Justice] to explore options for seeking a requirement for reporting multiple sales of long guns.” To justify its recommendation, the report claims “[l]ong guns have become Mexican cartels’ weapons of choice,” without noting that no one knows what percentage of the cartels’ guns are long guns, or what percentage of their long guns ever had any connection to the United States whatsoever.  In a response to the report, the BATFE says it agrees with the recommendation, but that requiring multiple sales reports on long guns "may" require a change in federal law—although existing law makes clear that Congress only imposed such a requirement for multiple handgun sales. 
Doesn't it often seem like these NRA characters are opposing any gun law regardless of its merits or value? Why would anyone be against this kind of reporting requirement?

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  1. Why is the BAFTE wasting time and tax payer expense to enforce Mexican gun laws?

    Clearly the drug cartels and the Mexican government isn't worried about their silly laws that do absolutely nothing to stop crime.