Monday, November 15, 2010

Drunken Gunloonery

After seeing Serr8d's Venn Diagram,  I needed a drink.

As with most all gunloons, Serr8d --and others--swear up and down that they never drink and gunloon.  Never.  Ever.

They tell us it's a bad, bad idea and responsible gunloons never, ever do it.

Yet, why has this happened?

Leaders in the Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association said Wednesday a new state law also would allow Iowans to drink alcohol while carrying a handgun
The answer is simple: gunloons do drink and gunloon.  They also want to do it legally.
Meanwhile, drinking and gunlooning appears to be off to a poor start in Mississippi.

Update: Stay at home drinking and gunlooning not doing well in South Dakota.

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  1. I hope the Urban Dictionary is paying attention. I think you just created a new verb.