Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tougher Sentencing in Baltimore

In Baltimore they're going to try to do something.

Of course, Sebastian sees it as a conspiracy against gun owners.

Pennsylvania has a tiered approach. If you are otherwise qualified to have a license, it’s a misdemeanor for carrying without a license. Only if you’re prohibited from carrying a firearm does it become a felony. Why can’t Maryland take such an approach? Oh yeah, because locking up criminals isn’t the point.
What's your opinion? Why do gun owners so often see these things as conspiracies? Is it so difficult to think the mayor of Baltimore is completely focused on fighting crime and her measures are just a bit too broad? Isn't that more likely than that she's got some hidden agenda against all the gun owners there?

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  1. Sebastian said it well. I’ll add that I like to see tougher laws on criminals, but not laws that make more gun owners felons. As in someone who leaves the range with an unloaded handgun in the trunk would be a felon if the back seat was folded down. That is different than concentrating on locking up already prohibited people who were caught in possession, or tougher sentencing on the violent criminal use of guns.

    Regarding the article, I find these quotes a bit of a head scratcher:

    “Here's a sobering statistic: Nearly half the people arrested and convicted in Baltimore City for violent crimes such as murder and armed robbery had previous convictions for handgun offenses.”

    Then the author finishes with this:

    “…a minimum sentence of 18 months for violators is a reasonable and appropriate penalty for carrying a loaded, illegal firearm, particularly since half those arrested go on to commit other crimes of violence.”

    Those are two different things. Do they happen to both be “half”? Or is this sloppy reporting? That last line also means half the people DON”T go on to commit violence (as in they could be a legitimate gun owner who didn’t know that you can’t drive through DC with an unloaded gun locked in a briefcase), but they’ll extend their sentence anyway- and take away their guns for life.

  2. TS, I don't accept the suggestion that the real and hidden agenda of gun control folks is to disarm law abiding gun owners. The real agenda is just what they claim it to be, to minimize gun violence by keeping guns away from violent offenders.