Sunday, February 13, 2011

El Monte, California Road Rage

The incident involved an off-duty LEO, who really has to lose his job and his right to bear arms.  Don't you think?

Authorities say an off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy who was driving home from work got into an argument with another driver and the two men began shooting at each other.

The Friday afternoon shooting on State Route 60 in El Monte is still under investigation, but sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said the deputy was unharmed and the other driver suffered facial injuries after he was grazed by a bullet.
I can hear the gun defenders already, what if it had been self defense? In that case I say give him a desk job and take away the guns. Why? Two reasons: 1. for engaging in a road rage argument until it escalated into a gunfight, and 2. for being such a poor marksman.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Nope, not enough information to make that call. A report that two men were arguing is vague and doesn't detail whether one man was yelling and the other man was ignoring him, or who fired first, or any other critical information needed to make any sort of armchair judgement.

    If the officer was indeed responsible for escalating the situation to the point of violence, then yes some sort of reprimand should be required (no different than if a regular citizen was involved, police should get no extra "rights" just for being a cop).

    I hope you'll follow up on the rest of the story when it becomes public.


  2. You'll get no special treatment for cops from me.

    But if he were guilty of escalating the situation to the point of violence, what "some sort of reprimand" would you have in mind?

    I say a factory worker loses his gun rights. I say a cop loses his job and his gun rights.

    How's that for special treatment?

  3. @Mikeb, Absolutely, if he was responsible for escalating the situation, he should be fired from his job as a police officer. Not get a 2-4 week paid vacation. Not get a slap on the wrist or demoted to desk or parking meter duty (do they even do that in real life, or is that just a movie plot thing?).

    Police officers should be held to a HIGHER standard than any other citizens, and should reap the consequences of their poor decisions exactly the same, if not more strictly.

    As far as losing legal exercise of the RKBA, sure, if he goes to jail. I'm not so sure about taking away people's legal exercise of their rights after they've paid their debt and we've determined they're not dangerous anymore. It would make more logical sense to do it for those that commit firearm-related crimes than the current system of ALL felons (and the rest of the prohibited persons).