Saturday, February 19, 2011

Girandoni Air Rifle

Absolutely fascinating via 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog.


  1. Very cool indeed!

    I hope you realize that McCarthy's magazine ban bill would ban this historic firearm since it has a tubular feeding device holding more than 10 rounds of shot greater than .22 caliber rimfire.

    Is that reasonable?

    Is that common sense?

  2. Kinda blows the whole theory about how the Founding Fathers could never envision advances in firearms technology beyond the single shot smooth-bore muzzle loading musket, huh?

  3. An air rifle with a detachable stock and a 22 round magazine? Sounds like something that needs to be banned or at least strictly regulated. And under the laws of certain countries it is.

  4. Very nifty.

    I would like to point out one striking point from this story, and that is that firearms are of more use to a defender than they are to an assailant.

    Peace through superior firepower :)


  5. That's a very cool gun, but I hate when history is distorted for political purposes. In this case he portrays the natives as though they would undoubtedly be hostile if it were not for the intimidation brought on by the demonstration of this gun. Ah yes, as Orygunner says, Peace through superior firepower.

    Anyone with a lick of knowledge would know that there was tons of peaceful trade between western tribes and European settlers. The real hostilities didn't begin until western expansion of the US began in earnest nearly fifty years after L&C's journey. Why would they be hostile to a group of guys with a huge amount of stuff to trade?

    "The topography of Canada and the United States west of Lake Superior and north of the forty-second parallel was basically determined between 1793 and 1812. With the exception of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, fur traders from the American and Canadian fur trading companies did all of the early exploration. These fur traders were either accompanied by Native Americans or Native Americans told them about the major passes and routes through the Rocky Mountains." Trade History

    Stop watching cowboy movies and read more history.

  6. this is an amazing rifle with all the advanced features.