Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Student Wanted to Shoot Teacher

The gun-friendly culture in Arizona produces 15-year-olds like this one.  They learn from their dads. And when tragedy is averted what's the Arizona answer, charge the teenager as a adult and send a letter to the dad.

A letter was sent out to parents notifying them of the incident.

Is it any wonder they've become the laughing stock of the world and one of the most dangerous places in the country?

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  1. And your evidence that the "gun friendly culture in Arizona" was directly responsible for a teenager wanting to kill a teacher?

    I call BS. The gun culture in this country contributes to safety and proper education. The THUG culture of violence is what contributed to this incident more than anything.

    As far as bringing a gun into ANYWHERE with the intent to kill, I certainly hope he WOULD get charged as an adult. What do you want to give him, a spanking, then sent back to class?


  2. Orygunner, The problem is it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between the gun culture and the thug culture. Did you ever read MArooned. Those are castle-doctrine thugs over there.

    What would I like to do with a kid like this? He should be charged as a juvenile, since that's what he is and his daddy should be investigated. The dad's of young offenders are often overlooked and the true guilty parties.