Saturday, February 19, 2011

NRA Blocks Gun Research

via Laci

from Mother Jones

How much firepower does the gun lobby have? Consider this: since the mid-90s, the NRA has "all but choked off" money for research on gun violence, according to a story today in the New York Times. "We've been stopped from answering the basic questions," said Mark Rosenberg, the former director of the National Center for Injury Control and Prevention, part of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which used to be the leading source of financing for firearms research. Thanks to the gun lobby's obstruction, questions like whether more guns actually make communities safer, whether the ready availability of high-capacity magazines increases the number of gun-related deaths, or whether more rigorous background checks of gun buyers make a difference, remain maddeningly unanswered.
Does that sound plausible to you? Or is it just another crazy conspiracy theory?

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  1. Mikeb30200:

    "NRA Blocks Gun Research". I read that and I was ready to call alla my commonistgunconfiscatin' allies and say, "Break out the bubbly!", the war is over.

    Then I saw that it was research on "gun violence" they were blocking. Oh, well, back to my miserable existence as an undergunned coward in the land of wellgunned cowards,

  2. I wish the NRA was half as powerful as all the cry-babies say it is.