Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kirby Ferris Wins the Oscar for Most Paranoid

via 2nd Amendment, Shooting & Firearms Blog

The evidence:

1. Since 1989, JPFO has stood for the complete and utter abolition of “gun control”. Any form of firearms owner registry is an invitation to burgeoning tyranny, and even a police state takeover.

2, To continue down this hand wringing, knee jerk, hysterical response path spells doom to our liberty.

3. Our anti-gun opponents actually WANT this to happen! They are GLAD when a Patrick Purdy or a Jared Loughner surfaces.

4. The elites absolutely must confiscate the firearms they, as tyrants in waiting, fear the most: Serious caliber semi automatic, magazine fed, rifles.

5. It happened in Australia almost overnight. It happened in New Zealand almost overnight.
Number 5 is the best because it refutes Number 1.

I realize our Jewish friends have that old Holocaust thing in the back of their minds and maybe that explains some of this.  But don't you think it's a bit over the top?  And why do our non-Jewish friends find this bizarre hysteria so attractive?

Let me take a guess. Gun owners love to view themselves as the intellectually superior protectors of liberty. I mean who wouldn't want to be that? They construct fantastic explanations to justify this, often nonsensical and contradictory ones like Mr. Ferris's point Number 5. Often these fantasies flip-flop between claiming they belong to the vast majority of reasonable men to their being horribly outnumbered and being perfectly willing to fight to the death. It's all about freedom, after all.

Meantime, nearly 100 people a day are dying from bullets.  I don't know how many are wounded. As much as the pro gun folks like to mock the expression, I think "blood in the streets" is fairly apt.

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  1. If anything, number 5 reinforces number 1. The Aussies and Kiwis registered their guns. Then they were confiscated. Not all guns. Just the decent ones that would pose a threat o elitist tyrants.

  2. Where did the 100 a day come from? I thought the idiot's latest number was 84 per day?

  3. 84 is almost 100. That's why I said "nearly."