Thursday, February 17, 2011

8 Years for an "Accident"

Young guys messing around with a gun, one of them ends up dead, the shooter goes to jail for 8 years.

Is that a bit too harsh, in your opinion?

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  1. It's hard to say, but I think that is too much to serve unless he's a hard head without remorse. Seems much higher than what people who kill people with cars in stupid ways get.

    When I lived in Silicon Valley a couple of years ago a cop allegedly fell asleep at the wheel (ON DUTY), hit three bikers and killed two of them one of whom was an aspiring Olympian. His punishment? 1.5 years paid vacation. There was a time when falling asleep on the job was enough to get a cop fired - heck a local janitor got fired for taking a nap recently.

    Punishment is a hard thing to use well.

    Also - that was no accident. You don't accidentally point a gun at someone and pull the trigger.

  2. I'd say way too heavy. No more guns to play with for the rest of his life would have been enough for me.