Friday, February 18, 2011

Mudrake on The Right, the Lies and President G. W. Bush

From another typically eloquent and cutting post from the man who has everything, even a muck rake.

Remember this photo of GW Bush trying hard to convince us of the need for war while his face screams, LIE!  I knew it was a lie; so did my wife and almost all of our friends. Others apparently weren’t astute enough to pick up the lying face.  Or, two other reasons come to mind.  One, they were too open, like sponges, to propaganda and nationalistic fervor. Two, they needed revenge for 9-11. These two forces have historically been used by incompetent but cunning leaders of nations to boost their image. We fell for it like lemmings over the cliff.


  1. It was a surrealistic nightmare. I remember the false information about mobile chemical and biological weapon labs. I was actually in London for the one year anniversary of September 11, 2001. We went to the Khyber Pass in Kensington for dinner that night. I remember seeing a group of Chaldeans holding up a banner that said something like "U.S.A. OUT OF IRAQ." I didn't understand what they were saying. By the end of October, the Navy was already loading the enormous cargo ships with the Bradleys, Humvees, FOBs and other equipment to the gunwhales. It literally took weeks to load the giant ships. Not only that, I saw them head northeast out of North Island to tack left like they were going to Japan apparently to catch some type of current to head south to the Panama Canal.

    I knew that beady-eyed son-of-a-bitch was lying through his teeth when he would say in the days leading up to the war that he could call it off at any moment if Saddam Hussein only capitulated. Then I remember the shelling and bombing of Baghdad.

    These Bush lovers/Obama haters really are the stupidest population ever to rear their ugly heads in our fair land. Once that Serr8ed idiot said, "We're gonna hate your guy, just because you guys hated Bush!" Fucking braindead.

  2. It takes more than a single man (the President) to lie and corrupt a nation.

    The presidents before Bush were no better, and the ones after (so far) aren't either.

    We need a hero. Someone willing to stand up for the Constitution and the rights and liberty of the people. Someone willing to spear through the partisan bullshit, shine a light on the cockroaches behind the corruption, and push for much, MUCH smaller government that doesn't criminalize innocent people.

    Unfortunately, I just don't see it happening anytime soon. The people in power in the government won't allow it. :'(


  3. We need a Harold Roark or a John Galt, you mean?

    Flying Junior, you said it, man.