Friday, February 18, 2011

Phillies' Legend Dallas Green

via Laci

The Philadelphia Inquirer carried a heartbreaking story about the healing process the Green family is undergoinig after the killing of 9-year-old Christina Green in the Tuscon massacre.

"I guess the one thing that I can't get through my mind is, even though I'm a hunter and I love to shoot and I love to have my guns, I don't have a Glock and I don't have a magazine with 33 bullets in it," he said. "That doesn't make sense to be able to sell those kinds of things. What reason is there to have those kinds of guns other than to kill people?"
Although I believe we have bigger fish to fry than magazine capacity restrictions, it is a compelling observation coming from this famous sportsman and gun owner. Combined with the excessive and exaggerated defensive reactions on the part of the gun crowd, I tend to agree.

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  1. Ah the old “go ahead and ban things so long as I don’t own them” argument. It is the foundation of gun control.

  2. Too bad the grandfather doesn't have the same viewpoint and wisdom his son has.


  3. The opinions of a geriatric fudd are irrelevant.