Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Woman does Suicide by Cop

I've said it before, either the cops need better training to distinguish real guns from toys, or these toy guns, including BB guns and air-soft guns, have to go.

What's your opinion?  Please leave a comment.


  1. Such is the cost of living in a free society... It's too bad she didn't just have the courage to kill herself instead of making some police officers suffer through the agony of knowing they killed a woman who had a toy gun.


  2. Sorry. In the real world you cannot have someone pull a gun on you and assume it's not real. That will get cops killed.

    If it looks like a gun assume it's real and act accordingly.

    And banning toy guns because of suicide by cop? You really are insane aren't you MikeB?

  3. You know that lunging with a knive works just as well, right Mike? You should, you keep posting examples.

  4. Yes, I do know. Also a cell phone can do the trick.

    How about if we require better training for this very situation? How about if we hold the cops and any other gun owner to a stricter standard when they blow somebody away?

  5. I say we let Darwinism do it's job. If you point a gun at cops, they should shoot you. They have a right to defend themselves like everyone else.

  6. Better yet, Orygunner, how about if we try to keep guns away from people like her. Wouldn't that be the best approach?