Sunday, February 27, 2011

Qaddafi's Bodyguards

Dan Lewis provided us with another fascinating fact. To sing up for his daily e-mail, go here.

With the events in the Middle East -- the nightmare of dictators -- unfolding before our eyes, one may wonder how despots like Libya's Moammar Qaddafi manage to stay alive, let alone in power. Dedicated security details are the norm, but for Qaddafi's contingent, there's nothing normal. His security consists of roughly three-dozen women -- all allegedly, virgins -- hand-picked by Qaddafi himself to serve as his guards.


  1. Atthe risk of making a comment in poor taste, I fail to understand how the sexual experience or lack of it attributed to these femaile body guards is a pertinent qualification.

    It is not as if they were fighting off attackers with that part of their anatomy, is it?

    Raise your hand if anyone here believes that the elderly Quadaffi, who vainly dies his hair in a pathetic attempt to appear younger than he is (as apparently does Mubarak, and the dictator of Algeria) keeps these women around as anything but an effort to look younger and virile.

    I suppose it gives people who are pro-Quadaffi something to talk about other than what a nasty, vicious dictator he is, but that would seem to be about it.

  2. Perhaps Mallomar Quitedaffy has heard that the formerly 72 virgins per/martyr paradise has become byov.

  3. I've seen some comments lately that the right to keep and bear arms has no place in today's world, because of all the peaceful revolutions that have succeeded, citing India, some other countries, and most recently, Egypt.

    Does anybody really think that power will be wrested from this dictator without arms?


  4. Orygunner, If you're using Libya and it's now violent revolution to justify that old nonsense about you gun onwers protecting us from an oppressive American tyranny, I say you're nuts.

    I don't know what Qaddafi has, but Saddam had chemical weapons that he used on his people and the U.S. military, which outspends everyone on the planet, has a lot more than that. Tell me what are guys like you and Zorro gonna do if your bizarre fantasy ever comes true.