Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More on Shawna Forde

via Norwegianity from Crooks and Liars

I guess the liberal folks at Crooks and Liars, along with just about everyone else, are in favor of this Capital Punishment decision. That's too bad. I oppose the death penalty in all cases, it doesn't matter how heinous or ugly the crime is. Government sanctioned pre-meditated murder should not be part of a modern society, period.

The video report of the third part of the trial was interesting. For mitigating circumstances they presented the usual abused childhood evidence, which in this case was indeed heavy. But, what about the fact that she didn't kill anyone? She herself did not pull the trigger. Besides being opposed to the death penalty, I'm especially opposed to the felony-murder type of prosecution in which the prosecutor charges everyone involved with the worst part of the crime. I admit she was more involved than a getaway driver, by all indications she was the leader, but still when talking about a capital offense we cannot paint with the old broad brush.

What's your opinion? Isn't it possible she herself intended to rob only and not kill anyone and her husband went rogue? Wouldn't that have been the proper defense?

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  1. I agree with you about capital punishment as a morally wrong choice for a society. It cannot be denied that the punishment itself taints all involved, from bottom to top. It represents the ultimate failure of the philosophy, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". It never worked as a deterrent, only as an appeasement.It makes us all culpable.
    Shawna Forde is a fairly nasty piece of work, her lawyers argument that she was the product of an abusive childhood was not a very good defense.
    I do believe that she was as guilty as her husband.

    What do you think of the morality of taking out some one like Gadaffi? Or Hitler? I believe this transcends any definition of "punishment"...
    When someone becomes a mass murderer, the creator of an abberant monstrous social organism, the moral issue changes.

  2. I was against death penalty until I heard about this case. Forde was not just somebody who staged a home invasion robbery. She intended to make a political statement and wanted to scare people through these murders into changing immigration policy. If you look at her past she has a tendency to invent stories of being victimized by Mexicans. She once claimed that a Mexican gang physically attacked her, but the police determined that her wounds were self inflicted. She also claimed that a Mexican gang kidnapped her daughter, but her daughter had actually run away. She made these claims while living in Washington state, near the Canadian border. If she weren't white, she'd be in Gitmo where she belongs.

    If she got life in prison, Jan Brewer might pardon her, or she'd recruit people in prison, etc.

    Some crimes are just beyond the pale and those who commit them deserve the maximum penalty.

  3. Microdot, I guess killing a Hitler could be considered more like an act of war than an execution.

    Anonymous, I find it hard to beleive you were swayed in your opposition to capital punishment by this case. She's a bad cookie, all right, but some of the violence against children you read about is even worse in my opinion.

    Life-without-the-possibility should be the max in my opinion.