Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why It's Difficult to Take Gunloons Seriously

MikeB tells the story of gunloons at a gunshow behaving badly.

In comments, commenter "P" tells us the apocryphal story of scary black men secretly loading guns at a gun shop:

There was two patrons who were very odd acting and kept handling every shot gun on the rack furthest from the counter. Even the clerk noticed it and got my attention and I walked back to that area of the store. As I approached they seemed quite furtive and after a couple of whispers left the store. The clerk followed them out and had a conversation with them and they took off to a bus stop. When he returned I was trying to put the guns they had been handling back in order. As is my custom every gun I touch was opened to check the action. The third or forth gun I opened had a live round in the chamber. I immediately called the clerk over and we went through every gun on the rack. These a-holes had loaded nine shotguns intentionally and put them back in the rack.

Got it so far?  Bad, bad black men sabotaging the sanctity of white gunloonery.  The story continues:

To blame the gun shop owner would be ridiculous, he was called names by the two hoodlums who had done this as they were leaving and called a racist for singling them out. Fiendish want to cause an accident? Were they planning on returning and using the loaded guns as tools in a robbery? No one knows but they had intentionally created a deadly accident waiting to happen.
Whoooooa!  It's wrong to blame the gun shop owner???  IOW, "P" is saying that guns owned by the gun shop owner aren't the responsibility of the gun shop owner.  I guess once your firearms are touched by scary black men, they are transferred from your circle of accountability.  But what's a good gun story without a safety reminder?
This is why the four rules are so absolutely critical to follow no matter what the situation. Guns don't go off unless someone pits the booger hook on the bangswitch
Apparently, one of the Four Rules is that your firearm stops being your responsibility when touched by another.


  1. Jade: “IOW, "P" is saying that guns owned by the gun shop owner aren't the responsibility of the gun shop owner.”

    “In other words” is a very appropriate way to lead off most things you say. It is the Jadegold way of saying, “watch out- I’m going to mangle what you said into whatever I want in a silly attempt to make you look bad”. “In other words” is right.

    Also, I don’t see anywhere where P said they were black. Why do you picture black men when the word “hoodlum” is used?

  2. In comments, commenter "P" tells us the apocryphal story of scary black men secretly loading guns at a gun shop

    Wanna know what I couldn't help immediately noticing?

    P never once said anything about the patrons being black (nor, for that matter, did he specify a gender).

    The Sage One, though, just knows that the alleged miscreants are black men, and in fact says so again (my emphasis):

    I guess once your firearms are touched by scary black men . . .

    Granted, P does say that the alleged bad actors accused the clerk of being a "racist," but he doesn't say that the clerk was white, or that he was not (for example) black.

    Bigotry and "gun control," of course, just go together--as illustrated by the racial profiling that is the official policy of our gracious blog host's "Gun Control Hero," and illustrated again by the Sage One's immediate assignment of racial roles, based on nothing but his own assumptions.

    I would hope, by the way, that it will not be necessary to explain that even should the Sage One's assumptions--his racial profiling--prove accurate, nothing is changed with regard to the fact that it is sheer bigotry to assign racial roles without basis.

  3. I specifically did not mention details.

    The other first commentators made most of what needed to be said and I will say no more except Mike got it wrong.

    The hoodlums were not black and for that matter the clerk was non white. For all you know I could be Black, or Native, Asian, or Hispanic, or Mixed heritage. What it most definitely does show is an irrational desire to smear myself as a Gunloon. Frankly, your personal biases are disgusting.

    You owe me a written and posted apology, along with a retraction.

  4. "You owe me a written and posted apology, along with a retraction."

    You've made the mistake of assuming Jade is interested in doing what's right.

    His dismissal of honest people as "gunloons" and constant lying, including about your statement, should tell you that he clearly is not.

  5. P wrote in the original comment, "the two hoodlums who had done this as they were leaving and called a racist for singling them out."

    What did you think they were, Zorroy, Asian-americans?

  6. What did you think they were, Zorroy, Asian-americans?

    Having no grounds on which to base a determination of race, I made no attempt to make such a determination. They could have been white (there are white hoodlums, you know), for all I know, with the clerk they accused of racism being some other race.

    Am I to conclude from your question that you agree with your co-blogger, that the term "hoodlums" must refer to African-Americans?

    Bigotry and "gun control"--they just go together.

  7. Just to make the point, Mike. The Store Clerk is of the Ojibwa Nation. The punks were Asian, most likely Hmong or Vietnamese. In the eighties and Nineties in MN we had a great deal of difficulties with Asian youth assimilating.

  8. Well, if all I have to go on is “called a gun dealer racist”, I am going to picture Jadegold.

  9. TS: You know I'm right.

    A gun owner, gun dealer is responsible for his firearms. He's responsible for the storage, operation, and care of his guns.

    It's really silly to suggest he's not.

    Even if it involves scary black men.

  10. Jade, you are missing the point entirely. You said this:

    Jade: “A gun owner, gun dealer is responsible for his firearms. He's responsible for the storage, operation, and care of his guns.”

    Sure, I agree. But you added this:

    Jade: “It's really silly to suggest he's not.”

    How you derived that from P’s story is beyond me. If fact the story was quite the opposite- being about due diligence of clearing weapons and always maintaining the rules of safety. You completely turned it around and threw in some racial profiling of African-Americans for good measure. It’s desperate.

    Here, I’ll play your game: IOW, Jadegold is saying that we all need to sacrifice our first born children else Cthulhu will rise from the underworld to bring the apocalypse down on mankind.


  11. Jade. WTF are you drinking?

    The owner of the store and his clerk can not be held responsible for the CRIMINAL actions of others. That is like saying a car dealership is responsible for drunk driver. Utter nonsense.

  12. Oh. And Mike. I am still waiting for the retraction and apology. Face your mistakes like the man you claim to be.

  13. P, Maybe you didn't realize it but your silly request for an apology was directed at my co-blogger, Jadegold, who naturally ignored it. I don't blame him. I pointed out to Zorroy where you as much as said they were black in your original comment. Now you want to fall back on that carefully worded bullshit and play to injured one.

    Perhaps you're just trying to deflect attention from the simple question at hand. Is the owner of a gun shop ultimately responsible if someone comes into their store and fucks with the weapons in some way.

    I say yes.

  14. P: Actually, if a drunk guy comes into a car dealership and wants to test drive a car--the dealership *is* responsible.

    Even if they're scary, scary black men.

  15. mike and Jade,

    When's the next Klan meeting?

  16. RWC: Co-located with next NRA meeting.

  17. My bullshit wording. ?

    Mike your handle sits at the top of the page. You as the blog owner are responsible under the logic you seem to hold.

    I explicitly refrained from describing the perpetrators because race had no bearing on the incident. Hoodlums can be white black brown or all of the above. There is no racial intonation to the word.

    Just because I used a carefully selected word to describe the does not mean I am playing games. I am still a regular at that store and the clerk is a good friend. Race had nothing to do with the act and it was specifically left out. The race card was thrown into the act by those who tried to instigate mayhem.

    The clerk noticed their odd behavior before I did. His direction to me gave me notice he was uncomfortable. I acted as anyone would do in a situation, I created space between the clerk and I so that if it was to be a robbery we were not a single target. I moved to where I could see them and they moved toward the door where the clerk tried to converse with them. They had left two shotguns on the floor leaning against the wall and had not returned them to the racks. While the clerk was busy with them, I discovered the loaded firearm.

    The clerk, as agent of the owner, was vigilant and concerned. I, as a regular customer knew the clerk well enough to notice his agitation.

    Your logic that some how claiming the owner or his employee were negligent or irresponsible is beyond comprehension. The ammunition loaded in the shotguns was not available in the store. That means the act was premeditated by the two and was clearly an intentional ploy.

    The clerks awareness and vigilance in all likelihood prevented this activity from escalating to either a robbery, murder or horrible accident. Suggesting otherwise, to use your term is pure bullshit.

    You and your co blogger racially tainted the whole episode and shows a lot about you. Your further refusal to accept that it was wrong and prejudicial shows even more. His later post suggesting that the NRA is a racially motivated organization denies the fact that much of modern gun control legislation was initially a response to racial fears and predjudices. Your position is disturbing on many levels.

    I still await a retraction and apology.

  18. Even if it involves scary black men.

    My older brother, from whom I learned a good deal of what I know about blues guitar, once offered me this advice: "If you make a mistake that sounds like shit, play it again, louder, so people think you meant it."

    It's not bad advice, in music.

    It tends not to work nearly as well in debate, Sage One, but I certainly appreciate the pure comedic gold you provide. If you're gonna be a racist fuckwit, you had might as well at least provide a few guffaws along the way.

  19. Sorry P, but your blah blah blah doesn't help. A store owner has to be aware of what's going on with his merchandise. If a customer loads one of his guns and he's not right on top of it, that's a problem. But SEVERAL of them. Gross negligence is what it is. People could get killed. And in that case, you'd insist it's only the criminal's fault.

    Here's the thing. Criminals can be counted upon to disobey the laws. The law abiding need to be counted on to obey them and to be responsible with the guns in their charge. How the hell else are we going to lessen the gun violence?

  20. Do you have any idea how quickly one can load a gun? Have you ever been in a gun shop? People pick up guns and look at them. The legimate patron will do the exact same operations to inspect a gun as it would take to load a gun, except for inserting ammunition.

    The clerk WAS immediately on top of it.

    In less than a couple of minutes they were gone but that's exactly how long it took them to do this.

    The clerk was extremely responsible. THATS WHY THIS WAS ONLY A SCARY MOMENT and not a tragedy.

    Calling my retort blah blah blah only shows your ignorance.

    Your inclusion of racial remarks only shows your immaturity and putridity.

    No matter how you dance around the truth, you still owe me a retraction and an apology.

  21. Sorry P, no can do with that retraction and apology.

    And I plead not guilty to "putridity."

    I will admit this though. The gun shop owner was on top of it enough to scare the guys away and discover the loaded guns and avoid a tradegy. I'm a bit concerned that he didn't see it happening, especially since there were several guns involved, but as you said, he was on top of it in the end.

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    I just stumbled upon this fairy ass site and noticed you haven't out a damn thing up in a year. I hope you for your as pounded for speaking this stupid shit you know nothing about. Try looking at the news reports about gun owners defending themselves and other people. It outweighs the bad, fuckhead

  23. I think you have to refresh the site or something. We've been posting every day since this one a year ago.