Sunday, February 27, 2011

So, How's that CCW Working for You?

Goshen, IN:
But when Jay Byler turned to help Brooklyn take off her snow gear, a gun that he had taken from his truck and placed in his coat pocket to safely secure in their house, apparently dropped out of his pocket and discharged.

A bullet struck Karlee in her head and she died.
This represents perhaps the greatest "victory" for the NRA--the fact this guy will get off with nothing but sympathy.  A man who becomes a meth addict and neglects his kids is probably going to lose his children to family services.  But some dude with a gun fetish that winds up killing his kid gets sympathy.


  1. I have no sympathy for him. It is incredibly sad that this child died because of his irresponsibility, and now her friends and family have to suffer her death. But for him, I have only scorn for possessing a loaded gun, unsecured, and particularly in the presence of a child. He should be charged for his recklessness.

  2. I'm with you, Baldr.

    It's an unspeakable tragedy but one that could have been and should have been prevented. But the fact is this guy felt being a 'manly' gunloon was more important than his child's safety.

  3. "A man who becomes a meth addict and neglects his kids is probably going to lose his children to family services. But some dude with a gun fetish that winds up killing his kid gets sympathy."

    That's probably because owning meth is illegal and owning a gun is not. But comparing apples to goldfish has never stopped you before. Troll on, Jade.

  4. Azzie: The cause of the neglect is immaterial. Suppose instead of a meth addict--how about an alcoholic? Or some religious fanatic? Both of those are legal.

    The point is, of course, is that someone who neglects their kids is going to suffer consequences while the gunloon who kills or wounds a kid gets a "tut-tut."

  5. Jadegold:

    You do know that you're wasting your time talking to people like AztecRed? His comment contains no logic re why it might be like, wrong, to have so little awareness of what your gun is doing (I'm saying that 'cuz we know that "guns don't kill people, unless the people that are killed are the members of families of guys that own unsecured gunz") running shooting up the neighborhood.

  6. "His comment contains no logic..."

    It contains about as much logic as comparing guns to meth.

    Apparently Jade has moved the goal posts to legal substances vs guns. That is actually a logical argument and can be addressed in a logical fashion:

    This incident is no different than if I were cooking in my kitchen and accidentally dropped a skillet full of hot grease on a child. Do I get my kids taken away because of that? Nope. I know this because I was that child. No one took me from my parents because of that incident.

    So why if the skillet is changed into a gun, should the child be taken away?

  7. My idea with these guys is that jail time is superfluous since they've already suffered such a terrible loss. At least in most cases. But, every one of these guys should lose their gun rights for life. If some of them are really responsible guys who made one untypical mistake, too bad. They get swept up with all the others who are a true menace to themselves and others.

  8. Modern firearms designed for concealed carry do not go off when dropped.

    If events truly transpired as reported, this is an incredibly rare, tragic accident. Consider that there's (IIRC) about 4 million concealed carry licencees in the country. How many times a year does something like this happen?

    Not nearly often enough to be very concerned with.


  9. You're all libtarded. Go hump a tree. I hope you get assaulted one day and and armed citizen keeps walking.