Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pennsylvania Gun Statistics

via Dog Gone of Penigma from Moms Against Guns.

Their facts page is chock full of interesting facts and figures.  I liked this one.

  • PA is the #1 source state for recovered crime guns in Camden and Trenton, NJ.

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  1. That makes sense. PA is a free state. NJ is a slave state. Naturally, if you want a gun in New Jersey, you go to closest free state, which is PA.

  2. "PA is the #1 source state for recovered crime guns in Camden and Trenton, NJ."

    Sounds like there is a strong criminal element in New Jersey that smuggles guns.

  3. Sounds like Pennsylvania is allowing illegal gun purchases.

    Aztec Red hypothesizes that the restrictions on purchasing guns in New Jersey are somehow too strict, when it would seem the opposite is true - PA isn't strict enough. There is no statistic that suggests criminals are commiting crimes in PA with guns from NJ.

    Why is that? Think about it.

    Rather faulty logic there Az.

  4. There is no faulty logic here but your own, dog gone. If we adopt your line of thinking and make PA's laws stricter, then the guns will simply come from the next closest state with less strict laws. And so on and so on until you've rendered the whole country into a slave state like New Jersey. That's called "passing the buck".

    I believe the opposite approach is more logical. Rather than looking outward, New Jersey should look inward. New Jersey isn't doing everything it can do to reduce it's own crime rate, such as making sure that those who shoot people are never released from state custody.

  5. Because criminals will follow the path of least resistance. If it's easier to get a gun in a nearby state than it is in their current state, of COURSE they will go to another state to get their guns.

    Making gun laws equally "tight" for ALL states WOULD decrease the transfer of guns between states, but would NOT decrease the actual flow of guns to the street. If it's equally as hard in this state as the next, they simply won't cross state lines anymore, just find other ways to get them from their own state, since the next state offers no advantages.

    No matter how many holes you plug, you can't plug them enough to make a difference to the supply on the street.


  6. Why do you keep saying that, Orygunner? It seems to defy logic and I don't imagine you have any evidence to support it. You may very well be guilty of letting your emotions dictate your opinions. tsk, tsk.