Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Afghan Shooting

I agree with the president. This is not who we are as a country and this is not who the military is. Nevertheless, we should get the hell out of Afghanistan the sooner the better. And I mean all of us, not like they did in Iraq.

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  1. We need to leave Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else that we have troops stationed out of the country. Does any European country have a military presence in so many foreign countries as we do? If the world wants all of these places to be policed then either the UN needs to step up or the UN needs to pay us to do it. There is no reason we should be policing the world and wasting our tax dollars doing it.

  2. I agree with getting out, but Obama is full of toro caca. Our country has a history of the military killing innocent people - and getting away with it, scot free.
    orlin sellers

  3. I accede with accepting out, but Obama is abounding of toro caca. Our country has a history of the aggressive killing innocent humans - and accepting abroad with it, scot free.