Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eventually All the Amendments Become Obsolete Like the 2nd


  1. So long as there are sentient beings, there will be rights.

  2. From what I have been reading here, and elsewhere now, it looks to me like the second amendment has been brought out of the dust bin, dusted of and breathed a whole lot of new life into it. And its taking deaper breaths everyday.

    Open carry in Oklahoma is just about to happen, Texas is two steps from the same. Wisconson just went from no issue to shall issue with less steps than Texas. Almost every state is cheaper on their permits than Texas. Four states now constitional carry. Make my day laws are expanding in many states. The majority of states now competing for the lowest Brady score card, even to go into the negitive numbers.

    Today on the news was a discussion on where the presidential hopefuls stand on the second amendment. Subjects like this, either indirectly or directly have been becoming more upfront in the paper, radio news and TV news.

    Maybe around the '60s and '70s I could see the obsolete second amendment. Not today, not for the past couple of decades. I would say the the second amendment race is in full blown recognition now.

    1. Almost 11 million firearms sold last year and almost 14 Billion rounds of ammunition...yeah, the Second Amendment is irrelevant. /sarc

      Mike G.