Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rod (Blago) Blagojevich Going-Away Remarks

Business Insider reports on bizarre going-away statement by the former governor.

But tonight, in a sun-drenched press conference, the man known popularly as "Blago," gave America a kind of farewell statement.

He bragged about his accomplishments as if he were just about to announce his candidacy for a new office. “I got bruised and battered and bloodied, but we were able to get those done,” he said, "And I never raised the income tax.”

In the extemporaneous address he shared that he had been reading both the Old and New Testament to look for examples of people dealing with adversity.

If his appeals fail, he will serve a minimum of twelve and a half years. 

To me this is a disgraceful waste of resources.  I don't care how corrupt he was or how much trust he betrayed, putting white collar criminals in jail is a waste. There are better ways to deal with them. Prison should be for violent people we're afraid of not for people we're mad at.

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  1. What are the better ways of dealing with them?

    1. Fines and restitution plus supervised work.

    2. Wow, tough on crime. Fines and restitution paid with what is probably ill gotten money to begin with. With little to no deterrent, I'd wager that you'd probably see a spike in similar crimes.

  2. Mikeb, do you mean that you fear violent criminals? Your side keeps accusing ours of fear. Interesting.

    But this guy isn't a typical white collar criminal. He held government power. I support the death penalty for any official or agent of the government who corrupts the position. Government corruption is an ultimate offense against the people.

    1. Death penalty? I say we shouldn't even lock people up whom we're mad at. Prison is for violent and dangerous people.

    2. This jerk is the picture of government corruption. He was handed power, and he used it to benefit himself. The fact that he was stupid about it is no excuse. I'm mostly serious in this proposal. There are few crimes worse than government corruption. We've talked on this site many times about how we have to trust the social contract. Guns threaten individuals. Corruption tears apart the public's faith in government. Short of the death penalty, he should face a life sentence of hard labor. Prison is precisely the right place to send people with whom we have righteous indignation.

  3. This Liberal-socialist-marxist-douche-bag (see DEMOCRAT PARTY), held up funding to a children's hospital, for CAMPAIGN DONATIONS!!!!! he should have been executed......

    Fuck him and his (just as nasty involved in his corruption) wife.....

    He is getting it off easy in a federal adult daycare facility.

  4. Mikeb, I agree with you. It is simply a waste of a productive life.

    He goes to jail and Rahm and Obama go free. There's your rule of law in this country.

    Regarding punishment, first you need to find the victim and determine what his loss was, in monetary terms. From there you can determine reimbursement for that loss.
    orlin sellers

  5. MikeB: “Prison should be for violent people we're afraid of not for people we're mad at.”

    …and for people who have a pistol grip on a rifle.
    …and for people who are the victims of gun theft.
    …and for people who cross an invisible 1000ft radius of a school while carrying.
    …and for people who have magazines that hold 11rds.
    …and for people who trade guns without permission from the government.
    …and for people who drive through DC with a handgun in the trunk.
    …and for people who forgot to reregister their gun.
    …and for people who…

    1. TS - those are all violent people that Mikeb and others are afraid of.

  6. A non-transparent government and it's corrupt elected (or appointed)officials scare me more than any petty "violent" criminal... I have faith in my personal abilities to defend myself and my home against a violent person, but I can't defend the whole country from the slow decay of it's liberty alone... especially when it's the general uninformed lever pulling public that keeps placing our country in harms way.

    "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." ~ Winston Churchill