Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More on the Trayvon Martin Killing

George Zimmerman

Trayvon Martin's family is outraged that Zimmerman has been allowed to avoid arrest for this cold-blooded act of murder. Please help them find justice by signing this petition initiated by Trayvon's mother that calls for the prosecution of George Zimmerman. 


  1. According to the news story at ABC online ( Zimmerman was charged with battery in 2005, the charge being expunged. I'm not sure if the "expunge" means that the charge was dropped or if the charges were sustained but there was no trial. Zimmerman would not have been a "youthful offender" in 2005, as he is 28.

    Gated community, 28 year old with a gun. Sounds like maybe Zimmerman lives with his parents. Neighborhood watch at 28, sounds like a lozer wit teh gunz who lives with his parents.

  2. With a face like that you've got nothing to laugh about!

    Rod Stewart and the Small Faces

  3. According to Digbys post yesterday on Hullabaloo, this whole mess has something to do with the "Stand Your Ground" Florida law that was passed some years ago to protect gun owners should they feel the need for a DGU. The law clarified existing statutes to basically state that the gun owner had no duty to flee an imminent danger, that he could brandish or use his weapon to protect his own person without fear of unnecessary arrest. This might end up being a good test of the application of that law. Hopefully a grand jury will do the right thing or it is very likely that federal prosecutors may step in.