Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Three Republican Weasels of the North Carolina House

A political advocacy group is promising “payback” in this year's election against state Rep. Chuck McGrady and other North Carolina lawmakers they view as soft on pro-gun laws.

Grass Roots North Carolina, an all-volunteer organization whose main focus is preserving the right to keep and bear arms, has labeled McGrady, former state Rep. David Guice and House GOP leader Paul “Skip” Stam as the “three weasels of the North Carolina House” for what it views as the Republican trio's role in weakening an omnibus gun bill signed into law in December.

McGrady last week defended an amendment he introduced to the bill — which passed by a 59-57 vote — that allows business owners to prohibit those with permits to carry concealed handguns from locking the weapons in the trunks of their cars. McGrady said he stood by Stamm, who spoke on the House floor about the matter last summer, agreeing that it was a property-rights issue.

“I think when one owns one's property, you ought to be able to tell people whether they can bring guns or not to your property,” McGrady said.
It's fascinating how the gun-rights extremists are so quick to turn on their own if they don't tow the line. Any reasonableness or compromise is unacceptable for them and will be punished. They are true fanatics.

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  1. We've learned our lesson. Compromise gets us nothing other than the loss of more rights. Your side is unwilling to give up anything.

    But think about the amendment that got passed. A business owner can bar me from bringing my gun into the store. My choice then is to leave it in my car, but that can be barred as well. So now, I either don't go to the store, or I don't carry. If I'm an employee of the store, that means that I quit my job or stop carrying all week. I realize that your side doesn't want me to carry a handgun ever, and this is exactly why we can't trust your claims to being reasonable.

  2. I can't think of anything else that is legal to carry in public that is illegal to have locked in the trunk of my car just because I am on private property.

  3. You guys want to carry guns anywhere you want, but unfortunately that infringes upon the rights of others. Some people don't trust you to be the responsible gun owners you say you are. And can you blame them? You look just like the lunatics who make the news every day.

    On this I believe you have to compromise.

    1. But this isn't compromise. Banning guns from parking lots effectively bans carry by the employees of the business.

      But businesses operate in public. They can't ban Baptists from their establishments. They can't ban skinheads. Businesses can't legally violate the civil rights of employees or customers.

    2. You're overusing the word "ban." Why do you do that?

    3. I'm not overusing the word. A ban is the practical effect of the things that you propose. Why can't you acknowledge that?