Monday, March 12, 2012

Major Insanity in Georgia - What Else Would You Expect?


  1. Insanity? Allowing adults to do adult things? That's just crazy talk. . . But to be serious now, you're showing that you have no understanding of the permitting process.

    By the way, why does your side keep getting histrionic about 9mm? There are other calibers.

  2. Greg, the problem with lax gun laws is it allows the unfit and irresponsible to have the same access as you have. That's bad. We wouldn't want to interfere with good people getting guns if that's what they want, only the bad people.

    1. But you've yet to show me how we'll identify "bad" people in a reliable way or in a way that doesn't sweep up a lot of good people at the same time. I've read your proposals. They won't do the job that you claim.

    2. I think you're just being contrary. I would like to see all gun owners pass not only a criminal background check but also a mental health one. I would like to see misdemeanor gun crimes included in the disqualifying criteria. I'd also include gun negligence.

      All these things could be done with due process and with the possibility of appeal. The result would be a wonderful improvement in the percentage of good, fit and responsible guys among the gun owners.

    3. Mikeb, misdemeanor gun crimes are already a disqualifying factor. Didn't you know that? But when you start in on mental health qualifications, I have to resist you. There was a report on "Talk of the Nation" this week about how psychologists are proposing saying that anyone who is experiencing grief over the loss of a loved one is suffering from major depression.

      And you'd say that such a person deserves to have all guns removed. What I see is a desire to classify everyone as needing the help of mental health professionals, a desire to make everyone dependent.