Thursday, March 15, 2012

Those Poor Republicans

Some of the rhetoric coming from the Republican candidates for president makes me wonder if a group of paranoid schizophrenics weren’t prematurely released from a mental institution…without their meds.


  1. The GOP's strategists, since at least 1964 have been courting the racist, homophobic, anti-choice and anti-immigrant constituency. That it has come back to bite them in the ass surprises nobody--excepting, of course, those GOP strategists.

    It's too bad that there isn't a hell for a piece of shit like Lee Atwater, Karl Rove, Haley Barbour or Roger Ailes.

  2. But, of course, the Democratic party is so much better. As is typical, the authors here misplace the blame. Who's at fault for our politicians? We, the voters. We vote them into office. Of course, about half of the eligible voters don't vote at all. When a candidate like Jon Huntsman can't get traction, it's no shock that the current loonies are still in the race.

    Mikeb, learn to put blame where it belongs. Then use your rhetoric to get the voters to make good choices.

    1. The Democrats have been a terrible disappointment over the last few years, but they are eons better than the Repubs, or should I say, light-years ahead.

    2. I didn't realize that politics could be measured with a ruler or a clock.

  3. Since Obama is simply carrying on Bush's third term expanding his policies and continuing his wars in foreign nations and here at home abolishing more civil liberties. We're either gonna get Obama continuing Bush's 4th term, or an equally bad, new boss, same as the old boss.
    orlin sellers

  4. What voters today don't seem to realize is that the modern Republican and Democratic parties are just opposite sides of the same coin. Both seek power to achieve their political ends. And most of the time, their ends are the same, but each party just wants to be the one to make the new rules.

    Until people of both political persuasions wake up and start paying attention to what their representatives are up to, we will continue the slide towards the European model of Socialism. Think about it.

    The new boss is the same as the old boss.

    We as a nation have become morally bankrupt. We expect government to tend to our every need. As long as people keep expecting government solutions to every problem, we will have an ever expanding government bureaucracy sucking up our resources and producing nothing in return.

    Mike G.

  5. As the saying goes, the bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.

    Mikeb, you should post "Won't Get Fooled Again" for our enjoyment and caution.