Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cenk Interviews Colorado Gun Shop Owner

Isn't it funny how the guy kept saying "as souvenirs" and "for investment?"

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  1. 1. $600 for an AR-15? Where is that? They run over a $1,000 around here.

    2. Investment? Yes. If some stupid law passes, those will become a valuable item on the black market.

    3. What would you shoot with these guns? How about bottles? How about paper targets?

    4. Uygur has shot an "automatic gun"? Does he mean a semiautomatic?

    5. Aurora and Columbine? Uygur should note that those two happened over a period of fourteen years. Again, would control freaks please define what "rare" means to them?

    6. Fattiturk would have a heart attack if the same restrictions that he proposes for guns were applied to voting. A right is a right.