Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Real Twilight Movie Shooting

Local news reports
Responding officers quickly learned the shooter was an off-duty corrections officer.

“He tells us that he’s walking up an aisle looking for a seat in the theater, while doing so he was adjusting his off-duty holster and somehow the strap came undone and the firearm discharged,” Stinson said. 

The bullet left a hole in an armrest and the floor and a woman said she was hit from shrapnel. Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt.

“It could have ricocheted off the floor, it could have directly hit someone,” Stinson said. 

The shooter’s gun was confiscated by police. It’s being tested to see if there were any mechanical errors. No charges have been filed.
This was not just a potential Twilight shooting like we had the other day, this was the real thing.

Why in the world would no charges have been filed? This was gross negligence, as the tests will surely bear out.  The chances of mechanical failure are so remote that they can be eliminated.  The determination is between unintentional or intentional, either of which should result in the arrest of the gun owner and the stripping of his gun rights.

What's your opinion?  Is holding gun owners responsible for the negligent actions wrong?

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  1. How about we just ban Twilight? That would have all manner of benefits.

    Seriously, though, an accident at most warrants a fine. That would be in keeping with the law relating to all other kinds of accidents when no one is injured.

  2. Anyone with a gun in a public place is a menace. There is a difference between the criminal with a gun and the NRA wackagunsellunny - the criminal has initiated a criminal act, but the NRA member will initiate his/her criminal act later. It's only a matter of time. All NRA members will harm someone with their brain substitute eventually.

    1. I'm a gun owner and an NRA member, and somehow, I've murdered no one. How about a deal: I'll bet you one of your dollars every day that I murder no one against one hundred of mine.

    2. "All NRA members will harm someone with their brain substitute eventually."

      That is the most bizarre thing I have heard in a long time. If this were true, out population would be shrinking.

    3. Frail Liberty, this is just another example of gun control ravings. Some, like this one, are a bit more unhinged than others. But none of them including our host can ever substantiate their wild claims with any evidence. I equate them to the mentally unstable homeless man on the corner. I give their rants about as much thought as his.