Monday, November 19, 2012

Indiana Work Place Shooting 2 Dead in Murder-Suicide

SF Gate reports

Peggy Hicks doesn't understand why her husband, Anthony Hicks Sr., 45, (pictured left) was fatally shot Friday night by one of his co-workers, 44-year-old Alonzo Laws of Indianapolis, who took his own life after the killing.

She said her husband knew Laws but had never mentioned having any problems with him.

Witnesses told police Hicks was in the plant's break room when Laws entered, made eye contact with him and left without speaking to Hicks. Laws then allegedly returned with a gun and shot Hicks while the victim had his back turned at a vending machine.

Police spokesman Officer Michael Hewitt said Laws fired several shots at Hicks. He said Laws then shot himself in the head.
In Indiana, anybody can get a gun. That's where the thousands of guns used in Chicago crime come from, in large part. Of course, one mentally ill person like Alonzo would have no problem, regardless of his mental health or criminal record.

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  1. Why did he do it? Because he could. Guns make their own logic. When you have a gun, why not just kill someone for the hell of it? The NRA says "Sure, go ahead, just do it, the 2nd Amendment is there for random murderers."

    1. Should I feel left out? I never get the NRA letter telling me what you said, and none of my firearms have ever harmed or killed anyone while I've owned them. (I have some war surplus guns and one that lived through Prohibition, so I can't vouch for them before I owned them.)