Monday, November 19, 2012

Guns are Flying off the Shelves in Hawaii

Local news reports
Gun store owners on the island said they have seen a major increase of people trying to buy guns. At the X-Ring Security and Firearms store rifles are flying off the shelves.

Brian Takaba said sales have doubled with four times more customers searching for guns.
"There's been a definite increase right after the election," said Takaba.

He said it is because many gun owners think President Barack Obama will ban guns especially assault rifles.

Obama's good for business, no question about that.


  1. This is happening in a racially diverse blue state with strict gun laws. Get the point yet, Mikeb?

    1. Not to worry, all guns in the State of Hawaii must be registered with the State, therefore easing later arrest and confiscation.

    2. For now. Gun control is a cancer, and my side is administering the cure.