Monday, November 19, 2012

Controversial Coyote Hunting in New Mexico

Local news reports
A gun store-sponsored competition in which hunters shoot and kill as many coyotes as they can has sparked outrage among activists in New Mexico who have called it a “heinous killing contest.”

Animal Protection of New Mexico posted a petition on its website, rallying against the contest, which is sponsored by Gunhawk Firearms of Los Lunas.

“The organizers of the contest have consistently claimed that any criticism of this event is an infringement upon gun-ownership rights and hunting privileges,” Animal Protection of New Mexico wrote on its website. “However, on our petition against the contest, over a third of signees have self-identified as gun owners, and a tenth are hunters or anglers.”
In a paroxysm of hypocrisy, the gun shop sponsoring the event had this to say.
“They survive in the wild by killing what they can, including livestock and pets,” Rex Wilson, president of the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association, told The Associated Press. “The people protesting this contest have obviously never seen a calf chewed up by a coyote, or watched a mama sheep try to revive a dead lamb.”
When they slaughter deer, it's because otherwise the poor animals would starve to death. When they slaughter coyotes or rattlesnakes, it's because they're dangerous pests.

My theory is they just like the slaughter.

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  1. The deer would starve to death or become roadkill.