Thursday, November 22, 2012

Georgia Man Arrested for Triple Murder reports

DeKalb County investigators said late Wednesday they have identified the man accused of shooting three people to death at an apartment complex. But they haven’t found him yet.

Brian Levern Gupton, 32, allegedly shot two men and a woman, possibly following a discussion over the theft of money, according to police.

Officers arriving at the Crystal Point Apartments, off Columbia Drive in south DeKalb, around 1:20 a.m. found the three people shot in the parking lot, according to Mekka Parish, police spokeswoman. All three died from their injuries, Parish said.

“Detectives believe the trio were at the location meeting with the suspect in reference to a dispute over the theft of money,” Parish said in an emailed statement. “During this encounter, the suspect pulled out a weapon and began firing, striking the three victims.”
No mention in the article about his past, whether he was a lawful gun owner or not. But, it doesn't matter. In this, gun owners are all the same.  Some of them think the gun is the answer and use it to settle scores or end arguments.

Gun-rights fanatics are heavily invested in the idea that gun owners are divided neatly into two categories, the good guys and the bad guys.  Nothing could be further from the truth. They're all brothers of the gun.

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  1. The bullshit is strong with you today, Mikeb. The vast majority of gun owners commit no crimes with their guns. How do I know this?

    1. 300,000,000+ guns in this country.

    2. 100,000,000 +/- gun owners.

    3. Only around 100,000 total injuries and deaths from all gunfire causes combined.

    If we were the evil, sick, pathetic, and dangerous people that you claim us to be, there'd be millions of casualties.

    The fact is that a murder is no brother of mine or of any other good citizens any more than he and I are brothers of air since we both breathe.

    1. No, obviously not millions of casualities, "only" about 100,000.

      I told you over at TTAG, you cannot quote the 300 million figure of total guns unless you want to anthropomorphize them. Guns are inanimate objects, they are not responsible for the violence.

      In you overzealous spewing, you fell into your own trap. You usually accuse us of fearing inanimate objects which are just tools like any other.

    2. No, Mikeb, you missed the point. What a shock there. Your side constantly yammers about how the presence of guns causes violence. But the number of guns in this country does show that your claim makes no sense. If guns and gun owners were as bad as you say, we'd all be dead. It's that simple.

      I've repeatedly shown you that across the country, there's no correlation between gun laws and violent crime rates. Many states have gun laws that follow the spirit and letter of the Constitution and have many guns, but have low rates of crime. Some states with good gun laws have high rates. But then, so do states with your kind of gun laws. It's all over the map.

  2. Another lunatic who killed people. Today, the NRA is happy.

    1. Instead of being stupid, why don't you make intelligent comments? If you're capable, that is.

    2. His observation was more intelligent than your bullshit about the 100 M and the 300 M. I've explained to you why.

    3. No, Anonymous lied, and you moaned. You explained nothing. 100,000,000 gun owners, Mikeb. And yet, far less than one percent of us cause harm. That's a fact that your side can't handle.

    4. It was terrifying... I was on the phone with my girl. right before thanksgiving. I didn't live there but my home boy did. All of a sudden this guns starts blasting atleast 6 to severn shots. but i didnt find out anyone died until the next morning... I will never forget this night...