Thursday, November 22, 2012

Double Murder - Suicide in Torrence CA

LA Times has the video.
A maintenance worker at the Torrance senior-living complex where three people were found dead Tuesday in an apparent murder-suicide described pleas for mercy he heard from one of the victims. 

Arturo Ramirez, who works at the Golden West Towers, said he saw a man who lived in the facility, whom he called Chuck, holding a gun. He locked himself in the maintenance office and called 911. 

He heard one of the women killed say, "Please, no! Please!" and then heard two gunshots. A few minutes later, he said, he heard one more shot. Officers who arrived on the scene found the bodies of two women and a man, said Sgt. Robert Watt of the Torrance Police Department. 

Employees at the facility told The Times that the alleged perpetrator was a male resident of the facility, and that one of the victims was a manager of the complex and the other was a caregiver. One employee said the alleged shooter was prone to violent outbursts and had expressed anger toward the two who were killed.

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  1. Shoulda stayed in Arkansas, not Killafornia!