Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Man with Gun at the Atlanta Airport

ajc.com reports

A man allegedly attempting to go through an X-ray machine at the Atlanta airport with a loaded handgun was arrested early Saturday, according to police.

Kelvin Jerome Simmons, 59, of Gainesville, was arrested and charged with carrying a weapon in an unauthorized location and booked into the Clayton County jail, booking records show. Simmons was released Sunday afternoon after posting bond.

Simmons allegedly had a 25-caliber handgun, with six bullets in it, inside a carry-on bag at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, according to police. He was detained by TSA agents and arrested.
This kind of forgetfulness is unacceptable. The same guy will forget there's a round in the chamber or that the gun was left within reach of a toddler.  No, I'm afraid it's One Strike You're Out for this guy.

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  1. Exactly what social harm is achieved by the accidental transport of a firearm across a mandated line of demarcation? What real danger did this person present?

    Let it be known that in many politically-sensitive areas (in a number of States) it is lawful to carry a firearm. In a number of State Capitols, for example, a peaceful citizen may lawfully carry a firearm, without treat of legal reproach.

    1. It's not about the "harm" of passing the invisible line. I told you the problem with people who forget they have a gun in their bag, especially these days with all the news about airport security.

    2. So confiscate the gun just like a set of toenail clippers and send the man on his way. It was a .25 anyway. A friend of mine likes to tell the story of his surprise at having a .25 round bounce back off a tin can and bump his leg.

    3. Rules are Rules and there should be no exceptions. There seems to be a lot of "forgetting" going on in the Simmons house as his wife,a principal at the Gainesville Middle School, was arrested a few years ago for not having a drivers license. It concerns me that the two of them are in education and teaching our children!
      Principal Simmons has the nerve to tell our children that their parents don't care about their education and they were raised LIKE ANIMALS. I wonder who raised them!

    4. I agree with the reporter "this is not acceptable". GREG CAMP MUST BE A RELATIVE--when he compares toenail clippers to a loaded firearm.