Friday, January 17, 2014

I can see why registration and background checks could be scary....

I can just imagine this as a reason for owning a firearm and putting it on an application to buy and register one.

No wonder people want to call them "Modern Sporting Rifles"  (only if the sport is "shoot the kindergardener in the classroom").  More fun here


  1. I just call them rifles. And if you can't see all the good uses for one, that's your deficiency.

    1. Why do you come here?

    2. Why do you?

      You both seek the same purpose; to respond to others information with your own information. It is the mind of the reader to pass judgement.

    3. He lies to make his points. He does not respond (see comment archives-how many times he refuses to respond). He insults first time visitors and regular visitors. He denies his own written words. He spews penis jokes. He believes in criminal acts like beating people up and hunting down people with his gun who have done nothing to him, but apparently sold his buddy some bad drugs. He believes revenge is justice and thinks the government should be ended because of his delusion that the government is taking away his gun rights. I could go on, but I'll let you try a conversation with him. By the way, everything I said came from his own words posted on this blog. Good luck.

    4. I come here because it does no good to preach to the choir. This is one of the handful of blogs that support gun control, and I'm working to defend our rights.

      But what we see here is that gun control supporters so often lie and toss insults without proving anything. Just keep in mind that Americans don't like liars who claim to be superior to everyone else. That's one of many reasons why gun control loses.

    5. Having read some of your comments, seems the liar is you.

  2. Laci,

    Anytime I see something published by the VPC, I have to take it with a big grain of salt, just as I do things that come from the NRA. Both are special interest groups and needless to say, both have a political slant.
    For example, they are now trying to demonize the Remington 870 shotgun as the gun used in the DC Navy Yard shooting. Pay no attention to the fact that its also a common hunting firearm and one of the standard long arms used in law enforcement. And of course, our own Vice President has suggested the use of a shotgun for home defense. (he is also a fan of warning shots)
    And then of course, there are those evil silencers. Strangely enough, it seems that acquiring and using a silencer is just fine in that bastion of peace called England.

    "Police forces usually approve applications for a suppressor for hunting and target shooters, as the risks of litigation for personal injury, especially high-tone deafness resulting from shooting-induced hearing loss, are significant; and noise pollution in general is a problem for shooting sports."

  3. Hey Laci, how big are zombie dicks?