Saturday, January 18, 2014

Another Law Abiding Gun Owner leaves an AR-15 in their car

It seems to me that most crime guns are reported as being "stolen" for their method of entering the illegal arms stream, people would want to take better care of their assault rifles.  On the other hand, they are great for shooting kindergardners and cinema goers and not much else.

So, why not leave it in your car, especially if you are a pro-gun activist.  We need more headlines like this one from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Prominent Utah gun lobbyist's AR-15 assault rifle stolen from his car

I have a post in the making called "why the pro-gun position may not be so good if you really like guns" and this might be a good thing to add to it.


  1. Golly Laci, this is from last March. Is it a slow gun news weekend?

  2. There are a lot of AR-15s out there being used for hunting and shooting competitions, but Laci can't see anything but what he wants to see. Remember that this is the typcial behavior of the gun control freak.

    1. As compared to the typical lying criminal coward ass hole you goon loons have proven to be on this site.


    I'm not sure whether he has regained his rights to possess his firearms, but Mike has posted two articles about this guy regarding events that took place after this article. The latest I could find was dated in December and it was still wending its way through the courts.