Saturday, January 25, 2014

Kessler update, Friday January 24, 2014


He should get NOTHING. He deserves nothing; he should be paying the town back for being such an unprofessional and dangerous jerk who embarrassed the place where he lived.

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  1. You're just re-posting this from Penigma. Don't you have any work to do?

    1. It's an update dummy, to something posted earlier today -- a news report, in spite of the pic that comes up before you hit play..

      Don't you have a worthwhile thought in your head.....ever? Apparently not.

      Kessler is a gun extremist, and as such is an appropriate topic here.

    2. Dog Gone, are you ever in a good mood? Around here, you're always crabby, making me wonder if you're old, flabby, and white as well.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Want to see a flabby old crabby white guy, just look at the site lying criminal cowards picture on his blog.

    5. Campy, I'm in a great mood right now -- the slime ball Kessler is not only going out, after all his crap, he's going out with a whimper.

      Pure Schadenfreude. Kessler is a horrible human being who epitomizes the worst aspects of our failed gun culture.

    6. Our gun culture is a success. We have the freedom to own just about everything we want and to carry it in many places.

      And before you go on about our problem of violence, that's been on the decline for decades.

    7. If violence has been on the decline for decades, why the NEED for your gun? Must be irrational fear.
      Gun culture is a success? Of course a proven criminal would think 33,000 gunshot deaths a year, is a success.

    8. Dog Gone's characterization of Kessler is right on. And Greg's wild statement about gun culture being a success is laughable.

    9. Are you feeling victorious for some reason, Mikeb?

    10. It's more than laughable, it's criminal as long as 10's of thousands are killed and crippled by gun use.
      If there were no innocents dying from irresponsible gun use, there would be no debate, because there would be no problem.
      Of course, gun loons think there is no problem, even though 10's of thousands are killed and crippled by their irresponsible gun use.