Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Man shoots self in road-rage incident

You may be your own worst enemy!  Story here.

In many cases, state law allows Florida motorists to carry a loaded handguns in their vehicles which can contribute to the deadliness of the confrontations.
Sounds like piss poor policy choices to arm people especially given the "weapons effect"

Although, it gives me great solace that the facts have such an "anti-gun" bias.

But, I still keep wondering when the term "conservative" gained a meaning of something along the lines of "insane", "idiot", or "irrational" in US English???

If you people are "conservatives" who find "liberal" (the antonym of "conservative") to be an insult--then I am very proud to be a "liberal".


  1. Laci, it sounds like you should be adding Stand Your Ground and of all things distracted driving to the tags. Someone has been watching too many movies. One has but to look at how many times police officers shoot from moving cars, (pretty much never) to see how its a bad move. In fact, the vehicle itself is a much more powerful weapon than any handgun.

  2. Another example of what the gun loons call a responsible gun owner.

  3. We should have a protected right to a car. It is a life saving necessity in our culture.

  4. Laci, you're confusing facts with interpretations. The facts have no bias whatsoever, either for or against guns.

    1. It proves this idiot and thousands like him are not competent enough to have a gun. His gun should be taken away.