Thursday, January 23, 2014

Re: study showing increased theft of cars with NRA stickers?

While most of you might not believe it, I actually have a pretty good reputation for research and knowledge of this topic. In regard to that I received the following question from Baldr Odinson:
Some time ago, I remember seeing a study that showed that cars with NRA or gun stickers were more likely to be robbed.

Do you know about this study or where I can find it?
My Response:
Yeah, I did a couple of google searches and it seems there is a problem, but whether it has anything to do with proudly announcing
 gun ownership is another matter.

There is this statement:

As with anything the gun lobby says, I wouldn't buy it.  My guess is that there is a problem.

But, there is also a problem with "stolen" guns from what I was told when I asked ATF about that topic.  The BATFE agent I worked with at USAO-DC said that most traffickers will say the guns were stolen when asked.

The bottom line is that until there is some real accurate information out there, the debate will never really reflect the reality for either side.
In other words, at this point there is nothing more than anecdotal evidence there may be a problem with having your car broken into if you parade your "pro-gun" stance.  I would also toss in that most "crime guns" are allegedly stolen per the above conversation with BATFE.   Also, there was more proof that guns in the home were detrimental to family safety, which was why federal gun violence research funding was ended.

Personally,I do not believe a firearm is the best choice, or even a realistic option, for any form of defence.


  1. Laci, you don't stick around for the debate, but I'll put these questions on record anyway:

    1. Why did you carry a gun?

    2. Was Dog Gone wrong for carrying a gun in the past?

    3. Other than bragging about your Google-fu, what was the point of this article?

  2. No worries, I don't do stickers on my car at all. And even if I did, as a rule, the only gun in the car is the one I carry. And needless to say, when I get out of the car, so does the gun. Mythical problem solved.

    1. If this was only about YOU, that would be fine. But since it's not, and you refuse reasonable measures, than those measures must be forced upon you, to help save lives. It's obvious you don't care about innocent lives, or you would not reject reasonable measures to stop those deaths, which you do.

    2. Anonymous, what specifically do you regard as reasonable measures here?

    3. Follow your rules. Beat them up.

    4. So in regards to this post does that mean reasonable measures is to ban the installation of NRA stickers on car bumpers?

    5. Getting rid of racists like Ted Nugent and the racist who support him, like you.

    6. Anonymous, define "getting rid." What exactly do you mean?

    7. There's our lying criminal coward again defending Ted Nugent, he won't even consider getting rid of him. Send the NRA more money racist.