Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why guns shouldn't be allowed in a coffee shop.

Just think of this happening in a Starbucks filled with armed gunloons.  Especially if they are the type of bozo who owns an assault weapon "for the Zombie Apocalypse".


  1. This was fun, but it doesn't compare to the reality of people being shot in a Starbucks, because gun loons can't control their guns.

  2. Typical thinking of the gun control freak: A staged, fake event is something that happens everywhere regularly and people with carry licenses walk around with "assault weapons."

    When does Mikeb get back?

  3. "This was fun, but it doesn't compare to the reality of people being shot in a Starbucks"

    Considering permit holders haven't been causing crime or injuries at Starbucks.....

    1. Permits are your hang up. I worry about the idiots with their guns in public who are killing and crippling people because of their stupidity.
      I guess you forgot about the woman who was shot at Starbucks by a gun packing idiot gun loon customer, or maybe you were just hoping everyone else forgot about it. Wasn't that a dropped gun incident, you know, when you said dropped guns cannot go off.

    2. Actually Anon, I'm glad you brought her up. When we were discussing Starbucks, Greg's favorite Oregonian posted a list of shootings that occurred at Starbucks,

      List of Starbucks shootings that I have. Have missed any?

      December, 2011: Gun concealed in purse at Starbucks discharges: Underage girl cited

      April 2012: Man unintentionally shoots Starbucks sink in bathroom with concealed handgun:

      May 2013: Woman In Starbucks Drops Purse With Forgotten Gun Inside, Shoots Friend In The Leg: St. Pete Police

      May 2013: Man shot near Seattle Starbucks dies

      July 2013: Man shoots other man at Starbucks entrance over Craigslist sale of a phone:

      And I posted this reply,

      You need to stop working so hard to inflate the numbers to make it look good.

      December 2011, Gun goes off in a girl's purse. I say girl because she was under 18, thinking she didn't have a permit. Doesn't fall under Starbucks policy.

      April 2012, Man playing with gun in Starbucks has negligent discharge. He runs off before police arrive. No idea if he had a carry permit. Possibly doesn't fall under Starbucks policy.

      May 2013, Florida woman has a negligent discharge in Starbucks when she drops her purse. Woman didn't have a carry permit, and case referred to prosecutors. Doesn't fall under Starbucks policy.

      May 2013, Fight broke out in a parking lot next to a Starbucks, armed security guard tried to break up fight and ordered them to leave, one man pulled a gun and guard shot him in self defense. Dead guy's buddies all run off before police get there. Doesn't fall under Starbucks policy.

      July 2013, Man shot outside Starbucks in what sounds like what has become a typical Craigslist type robbery. Man with the gun again, runs off before police get there. Doesn't fall under Starbucks policy.

      When you try to throw in stories like these to inflate your numbers, you hurt your side of the debate. Starbucks has over 13,000 locations in the US alone and much like your data about Walmart, it isn't showing a large problem.

      Are you referring to another event not listed? If so, I'd appreciate it if you could show us.

    3. Working extremely hard to justify and defend murderous gunsuck morons. Of course, gunsucks do that all the time.

    4. Nick, I don't defend morons. Anon, commented on something we had discussed before, I merely enlightened him.

    5. Thanks for that detailed account that proves what I said. Again, this permit thing is your hang up. I don't care about who had a permit, or not. I care about the people being killed and crippled by gun idiots. You believe in the opposite, which doesn't speak well of your character, or your concern for those being killed.

    6. Anon, we already have laws that concern themselves with people killed or wounded by anyone without cause. These laws are called homicide and assault. They cover the exact person who violates it and no one else, as it should.
      There is also a law that concerns itself with carry in a coffee shop. The business merely has to post a legally formatted (in Minnesota) sign. If a permit holder goes in anyway and refuses to leave, they can be charged with trespassing. This law also punishes the individual who violates it and doesn't affect other citizens.
      Adding another law doesn't make it twice as good.

    7. Anonymous, there's a huge difference between people who are licensed to carry and criminals and the like who carry without a license.

    8. To you.
      It makes no difference if the shooter had a permit, or not. A person is still dead. I know you excuse death and make it some number, that's your lack of character.

    9. We already know you and the site lying coward will bring your gun into Starbucks even though the President of Starbucks has asked you not to; you told us you would.
      No surprise from proven criminal cowardly liars like you.

    10. Anon if my gun ever makes a person dead it had a very good reason. It likes me and wants to keep me alive.

    11. Verlon,
      This is not about YOU. It's about the 33,000 gun shot deaths and thousands more crippling gun injuries. If this issue was about one person, there would be no issue.

    12. Anonymous, this is also not about you. It's also not about lashing out at the millions of gun owners who didn't kill anyone.

    13. I promote procedures that protect others, you do not. It's not about me, it's about safety. But you always argue something stupid like, my gun didn't kill anyone. In fact you help fund stopping measures that would stop some of the killing. "Lashing out" laughable from some one who accepts 33,000 gun shot deaths a year and even more crippling injuries. Killing is what I call even more than lashing out.

    14. Anonymous, I have named measures repeatedly that would reduce the rates of violence in this country. I haven't seen you do anything but attack commenters and generally be a troll.

    15. Cite your URL. I'd love to read your solutions.

    16. I'll put my solutions right here:

      1. Spend the money necessary to make all schools good.

      2. End the War on Drugs, and pardon everyone given a sentence for mere possession of controlled substances.

      3. Increase penalties for violent crimes.

      4. Increase access and quality of mental health services.

      5. Increase availability of programs for people experiencing domestic abuse.

      Those would do much to reduce our rates of violence.

    17. When is your group going to support these items? They haven't so far, in fact they keep voting against such measures. Typical for hypocrites, say one thing and do nothing, even though they have majority.

    18. Anonymous, if you can't refrain from being insulting, why do you expect an answer? I would be pleased to have a civil discussion with you, but when you spew insults, I don't have the time.

    19. Is this a new tactic, liar?
      Everyone is laughing at your childish dodge.
      Your words speak for themselves, you are a criminal lying coward.