Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Texting during a mass shooting

You should be proud at the level of carnage in the US since that it how your "Second Amendment Right" is expressed (mine would be that you all get to do drill and spend time on a military base).  Anyway, someone said the number of school shootings is around 35, but that is only what gets reported in the news.

BTW, I know people text their families and friends during active shooter incidents, but that as this points out--that doesn't fit your idea of how these incidents go down.


  1. So where is your argument that there wont be time to use a gun in an active shooter situation? It these people can keep their wits enough to type out a message, then certainly they (age permitting) could operate something much simpler, sure as a pistol.

  2. In a situation like that, I'm going to do what I have to do to survive. My chances would be much better if I'm armed. A telephone is for talking to people after the incident is over.

  3. I will be getting one of four texts from my loved ones if they are at an active shooter event:
    (1) "How many attackers and what weapons do they have?"
    (2) "I am in a good defensive position and ready to shoot the S.O.B. if he/she comes into view, wish me luck. I love you."
    (3) "I made my way safely out of the location and will be coming home soon."
    (4) "I am out and safe. One spree killer is down. Call our attorney."

    -- TruthBeTold