Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pennsylvania Man Charged in Friend's Accidental Shooting

	 Teen charged with accidentally shooting friend

Local news reports

A 19-year-old Penn Township man was charged with the accidental shooting of his 18-year-old friend Tuesday afternoon.
Police said Colton Cline and Tyler Fetter were hanging out at Cline’s Lux Road home just after noon when Cline fired one shot.
According to the criminal complaint, Cline reportedly told police he and Fetter were “goofing around” when Fetter threatened to beat him up. In response, Cline reportedly pulled out a shotgun, prompting Fetter to ask, “Am I supposed to be scared?”Cline told police the gun went off as he was moving the gun away from Fetter.
Investigators said Fetter was shot once with a shotgun in the arm and chest area.

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