Sunday, October 23, 2011

Adam Winkler - Ladd Everitt - Gun Control is Racist

via Sebastian, who would do and say anything to avoid agreeing with Ladd.

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  1. I was really disappointed when I finally read Winkler's gun fight after being teased with his articles prior to the book's release.

    Winkler pays far too much attention to the revisionist, pseudoscholarship and obviously did not consult the primary sources when he wrote his book.

    Unfortunately, most people in the US are fixated with the Second half of the Second Amendment. That is not the important part--the purpose of having a well-regulated militia is. The differing attitudes toward Standing Armies and militias as well as local v. federal power are what this is all about.

    Not gun rights.

    In fact, the right to arms would include much more powerful weaponry than firearms in its proper interpretation.

    Winkler's books demonstrates that the use of secondary resources is not proper method for addressing history. His book contains myths, not reality.

    Western, J.R.: English Militia in the Eighteenth Century: The Story of a Political Issue, 1660-1802
    Schwoerer, Lois G. "No Standing Armies!" The Antiarmy Ideology in Seventeenth-Century England