Friday, October 28, 2011

Hey, Anonymous!

Think you're being a good "conservative" by disliking government and the "state"?

Dislike the fed and all the other trappings of capitlism?

Here's the political movement you belong to:

You know what's really funny--watching real anarchists interacting with members of the Tea Party!


  1. Google and read the "About" page.

    Threee whankers.

    People who don't believe in gummint should be walking or driving their cars only on private property; drinking and eating uninspected food and drink; foregoing medical treatment at any facility staffed with gummint employees or ones that receive gummint grants, etc.,.

  2. Yeah, but watch them with the Tea Party crowd--it's a laugh!

  3. And lets include no attendance at a land grant university, no benefiting from anyone trained at a land grant university, no benefiting from any discovery made at a land grant university from research...ditto anything from anyone who attended a public k-12 school... ad infinitum.

    And of course, no courts or legal system or military for them either. You know - those things that originate at central government, with central banking, LOL.

    Just another bunch of fact-averse idiots who don't recognize the hand that benefits them when they bite it...

  4. Exactly what part of "I love capitalism' didn't you understand?

    Believe in government? Good one.
    I suppose you people hate George Carlin, too. His first rule is, "Never Believe ANYTHING the Government Tells You.

  5. So, Comrade Anonymous, is it your assertion here that the lunatic fringe conspiracy theory about the Fed origins on Jekyll Island are supported by the late George Carlin, and that he is a legitimate refutation of the Congressional record of commission reports?


    I'm afraid you are unintentionally far funnier than you mean to be, or than George Carlin when he was alive.

  6. Doggoneit dog gone, to quote Mose Allison, it appears "your mind is on vacation and your mouth is workin overtime" because nowhere did I say any such thing.

  7. Anonymous, Your quotes and references are great. I love George and I remember that like from Mose too.

    Keep comin' 'round, man.

  8. Wow, You want to refute that there was no conpiracy at Jekyll Island by posting a vid of Goerge Carlin, a Liberal Comedian, saying that conspiracies (in general) happen.

    That's nearly as good as Willie Nelson recommending the Creature from Jekyll Island.

    Both highly qualified individuals offering opinions that are deeply based in facts.

    No wonder you buy into this BS, anonymous, you're ignorant and most of the people you listen to are as ignorant, if not more ignorant, than you are.

    I strongly suggest that you see the documentary "Inside Job".

  9. Comrade anonymous, banking changed, the way industry and manufacturing changed, the way technology changed.

    Central banking then is not what central banking became when the Fed was created. You don't know enough about banking apparently to understand the differences - which is too bad,because that first link I posted way back when to the panic of 1837 highlighted the significant differences between the earlier central banks and the Fed.

    Sadly the Austrian school has been marginalized as fringe precisely because what they offer doesn't work, and tries to force facts like round pegs into the square holes of their ideology, which is not proper economic science, or even pragmatic.

    Sorry, but so far hoaxer nut jobs like Griffin have NO credibility, nor do the Austrian school among most people in business, or academia, and certainly not George Carlin, however funny and insightful a man he was.

    And you may need to be reminded that the founding fathers were not infallible - and they well knew it. Sometimes they were just plain wrong. They didn't allow women the vote, they did not allow universal suffrage, they built in slavery to the Constitution.

    The founding fathers are the founding fathers, their beliefs on many topics offer some good insight, but they did not write ex cathedra, and they could not forsee or imagine nations of this many people, this kind of technology and global complexity. They could NOT forsee all change, and they did not have the answer to every challenge. Sometimes they were just ordinary, fallible human beings who were wrong.

    They aren't here to tell us if the Fed addressed their concerns adequately with central banking; they aren't here to have learned the lessons of the intervening years so they could adapt their thinking to our modern times, and even in their own day they were generalists not economists.

    You haven't demonstrated a plausible premise for the Fed and conspiracy. You don't understand the difference between fact and opinion when you write about either central government or central banking, and it is pretty clear you are bone ignorant about both, and instead parrot whatever someone you think might be an expert says so long as it strokes your ideology.

    Your comments are ideology masturbation, not substantive discourse.

  10. Anonymous, I doubt very much you know diddly squat about regulation or qualifications relating to the financial sector.

    Can you tell me for example, what the differences are in the following licensing exams- what the difference is between them,what they allow someone to do in finance? I don't think you can, which tells me that you don't understand the levels of expertise well enough to evaluate what you are told or what you read.

    Have at it - this should be fun. Explain to me what each of these is for and waht a person with this kind of license can do.

    I know the answers. It goes to the difference here between your critical understanding of the issues, and mine.

    Major Series

    Series 6
    Series 7

    Series 24
    Series 63

    Series 65
    Series 66

    Combination Series

    Series 6/63

    Series 7/63
    Series 7/66

    Series 9/10

    Other Series

    Series 3
    Series 4
    Series 9
    Series 10

    Series 26
    Series 27/28
    Series 31
    Series 37/38

    Series 51
    Series 53
    Series 55

  11. And, trust me, anonymous, things would be a lot worse if the banks and industries were allowed to crash--even with the inside job that happened.

    Deregulation and abolishing the fed is not the answer and its not what people are asking.