Friday, August 31, 2012

Drunken Vermont Gun Owner gets a Slap on the Wrist - Keeps Guns

Local news reports

A drunk and disorderly 54-year-old man was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon after members of the Vermont State Police were dispatched to a home along Peggy’s Lane for a report of numerous gun shots and a man threatening violence towards a neighbor. 

Police responded to the area at about 4:20 p.m., where Roger E. Decato, of West Townshend, continued to fire rounds of ammunition outside of his home.

One neighbor said she’s been hearing loud gunshots coming from the direction of Decato’s home for nearly six weeks.

Decato was processed at the Brattleboro Barracks and transported to Southern State Correctional Facility where he was ordered held until sober. 

Police also cited Decato for disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and possession of marijuana.
We don't have to guess if this guy had a concealed carry permit. In the great state of Vermont, they enjoy Constitutional Carry, any one who owns a gun can carry concealed.  And it doesn't matter how unfit they are.

When they arrest one of them for misbehaving, they get to sleep it off and then get a slap on the wrist.  The one thing they don't do is take the guns away.

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  1. Mike, you know what they say about making too many ASSumptions.... From the charges that they have listed, he could be seeing a couple of years in jail and a couple thousand in fines. Also, when there is a disturbance involving guns, they typically confiscate the guns and keep them as evidence until at least the trial. Learn to do some research Mikey.

    1. Maybe you need to do the research instead of just guessing. What they "typically" do varies from place to place and is often not properly enforced to the point "typically" doesn't apply.

      When charges are brought, you can't say "the guy could do such and such." They never do the maximum allowable and that's if there's no plea bargaining or dropped charges.

      It sounds like you're doing the ASSuming.

  2. In another post, you blasted the US for the high prison population, then complain in this post about the man only being held until sober. It seems as though you just want to complain.

    "In the great state of Vermont, they enjoy Constitutional Carry, any one who owns a gun can carry concealed."

    Well, let's see how that works out for them. Let's compare gun crimes in VT to gun crimes in CA (Brady's number one rated state)

    In 2010, per the FBI UCR, In CA, 69.4% of murders are committed with a firearm, whereas in VT, only 28.6% of murders are committed with a firearm. (table 20) In CA, 31.1% of robberies are committed with a firearm and in VT, only 24.1% of robberies are committed with a firearm. (table 21) In CA, 17.7% of aggravated assaults are committed with a firearm and in VT, 11.2% of aggravated assaults are committed with a firearm. Looks like those loose gun laws are working out pretty good.

  3. Given the charges, upon conviction, he'll be a prohibited person. Remember the Gun Control Act of 1968? We've talked about it before.

    1. Yes, we've talked about it before. But, I still have doubts as to its application.

  4. Vermont can carry openly as well, not just limited to concealed. Any firearm is included. But that does not mean unlimited or unrestricted. Background checks still happen on the purchase of any firearm still happens and this will go into his record as a restricted person. Even after he serves his time, which he will do.

    He will be held until sober then he has to face prosecution. Vermont just isn't soft on this kind of thing at all.

    Carrying a weapon assumes great responsibility. Vermont has trusted its people to have responsibility since 1777 (I think thats right, since its statehood was founded) but comes down hard on those that abuse that responsibility. Which in my opinion is the way it should be, anywhere.